GDPR Compliance Packages

GDPR Compliance Services

FileOM’s GDPR Compliance services follow a systematic review of the current policies and practices within your company. Once we identify areas in need of improvement, our GDPR certified practitioners make appropriate recommendations to meet the GDPR guidelines and ensure compliance.

Our clearly defined services are available through individual implementation or as a Full GDPR Compliance package. With all our compliance services you receive an in-depth and easy-to-understand report.

GDPR compliance packages

GDPR Gap Analysis
Detailed Gap Analysis Report, Personal Data Discovery

  • GDPR Governance & Accountability
  • Data Privacy Risk Management
  • Personal Information Management
  • Security Management
  • Third Party Management
  • Incident Management
  • Protection of Data Subjects’ Rights

Designed for

  • Organizations up-to 100 Staff
GDPR Compliance Programme
Full GDPR Compliance

  • GDP GAp Analysis
  • Data Mapping
  • Full GDPR Project Planning
  • New Policies & Procedures
  • Subject Access Rights
  • Breach Notification
  • Privacy Notices
  • Vendor Contracts
  • & more

Designed for

  • Companies up-to 100 Staff
Bespoke Project Management
Data Privacy Project Management 

  • Bespoke Program Management
  • Supplier and 3rd Party Tech
  • GDPR and Privacy Training
  • International Office Compliance
  • Subsidiaries and Partner Compliance
  • & more

Designed for:

  • Companies larger than 100 Staff

Benefits of compliance

Improved Data
Enhanced Data

GDPR Compliance

As Data Privacy experts, we look at the following through the lens of GDPR compliance:

  • Supplier Relationships – Most organisations routinely share Personal or Sensitive Data with their suppliers and their vendor ecosystem at large. Our approach is to undertake a Vendor Risk Assessment against GDPR requirements, highlighting and categorising potential risk
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Policies – Policy documents will need to incorporate GDPR guidance
  • Data Management – Organisations hold data across various databases, and capture leads from their website, events and other marketing activities. GDPR enforces strict rules around processing and storing this data
compliance package
  • Staff Awareness and Training – Your staff process client and employee Personal Data, the GDPR places emphasis on how this data is processed. Staff needs to understand their obligations under the new legislation. We offer e-Learning and bespoke Training for Staff, the Marketer, your Board and even advanced GDPR Training
  • Data Breaches and Fines – Our GDPR Services highlights compliance priorities for your business, we help implement a Data Breach Policy across your organisation
  • Data Subject Rights – Chapter 3 of the GDPR, articles 12-23 relate to the rights of the Data Subject. Your business captures data throughout sales and operational lifecycle, we help you understand the rights of delegates on the data you hold
  • Employment Contracts – GDPR has an impact on all existing Employment Contracts, we review your contracts and provide guidance
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) –  DPO responsibilities can be a challenge to deliver internally, we can help with our Outsourced DPO Service.

Speak to one of our GDPR Practitioners – Contact us, or visit the ICO page for additional information on GDPR.

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