GDPR Audit

GDPR Audit

FileOM’s GDPR Audit validates your compliance, allow our experts to undertake a thorough assessment. We appreciate providing evidence of compliance is not easy, therefore, first of all, we review whether your implementation has taken a whole organization approach. Then assess whether the processes and procedures are in place to protect personal data. Hence, our certified GDPR Practitioners assess all areas of your business, resulting in, identification of data and processes that could lead to a GDPR breach.

GDPR Audit Packages

GDPR Audit - SMB
What’s Included:

  • Designed to find GDPR breaches
  • Policies & Procedure Review
  • Data Protection Approach
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Incident Response & Breach Reporting
  • Risk Registers & Assessment
  • Accountability Framework & Reporting
  • Certificate of Compliance

Designed for:

  • Up-to 100 staff
GDPR Audit - Enterprise
What’s Included:

  • Extensive Enterprise-wide Audit
  • Designed for large businesses
  • Detailed Assessment across all Business Functions

Designed for:

  • Larger than 100 staff

Professional GDPR Audit

Identify Data Risks
to Compliance
Data and
Information Audit
Audit Report

GDPR Audit – Tailored for Your Business

The Audit reviews your implementation against the GDPR regulation, specifically, the Articles and Recitals. The GDPR Articles highlight the intent and scope. Whereas, the Recitals outline the roles, responsibilities and actions to be taken. In order to maintain compliance, organisations need to undertake  regular data management audits and reviews. Our professionals undertake a thorough and exhaustive data and information audit of your business. Depending on the size and structure of your organisation we have a GDPR Audit package to suit you. We also offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC) call us for more information.

GDPR Audit- laptop
  • Cover all areas of GDPR, determine their applicability to your business
  • Help answer business specific queries around the GDPR
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks
  • Provide you with a road-map to compliance
  • Ensure your marketing activities are compliant
  • Protect against data loss, sanctions and monetary penalties
  • Safeguard and future-proof your organisation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Speak to on of our GDPR Practitioners – Contact us, or visit the ICO page for additional information on GDPR.

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