Docusign Contract Management

DocuSign for GDPR contracts

Docusign + FileOM: Contract management is an integral part of the GDPR. In the event of a data breach, under the GDPR, controllers, and processors are jointly liable. Data often transfers from the controller to processor to sub-processor, and to outsourced partners. Your entire ecosystem is subject to the GDPR. To avoid the hefty fines, organizations need to review their contracts with customers and their entire ecosystem, including suppliers and partners.  Generally, organizations do not document the level of detail required to prove GDPR compliance, including vague contractual acceptance. To update all contracts manually is inefficient.

FileOM is a leading DocuSign partner, benefit from our GDPR focused eSignature implementation:

  • Collect consent to demonstrate compliance
  • A consent-capture process, with built-in documentation and tracking
  • Update all contracts and service level agreements efficiently and securely
  • Centralized process including automated workflows to save time on administration

Visit our Compliance Packages for help with GDPR Compliance.

Common types of documents

Client Contracts
Preferred Supplier
Service Level
Master Service

Key features

Our DocuSign GDPR solution includes the following features:

  • Workflow – specify and order any number of signers, assign recipients different roles and access

  • Authentication – multiple levels of authentication for signers to prove their identity

  • Signature – send documents to customers to sign and send back your document, seamless and easy

Manage contracts efficiently

  • Enhancing GDPR Compliance – Obtain Consent with DocuSign
  • Reporting – Robust reporting and real-time access for business statistics

  • Compliance – DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding and widely accepted around the world
  • Retention – signed documents and audit0trails are maintained in the system

DocuSign GPDR Contract Management

To meet GDPR compliance, organizations must update all their client and supplier contracts. Our DocuSign Partner Solution automates this lengthy and manual process, allowing you to work more efficiently.

£20 Per user per month
Elements include

  • Send documents for signature
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Personalized branding

Designed for

  • Supplier Contracts
  • HR Contracts
  • Personal Data Files
  • Registration lists & Reports
Business Pro
£33 Per user per month
Elements include

  • All in standard
  • Collect payments
  • Advanced fields
  • Signer attachments
  • Bulk send & more

Designed for

  • Supplier Contracts
  • HR Contracts
  • Personal Data Files
  • Registration lists & Reports

Why you need DocuSign e-signature for GDPR Compliant Contracts?

The GDPR states that a written contract must be agreed upon when a data controller engages a data processor. Article 28 of the GDPR sets out the specific terms, as a minimum, which must be included in such contracts.

Over the years, organizations accumulate contracts and service agreements, formats can include electronic, paper, faxed, scanned, etc. In many cases, a combination of all the above make up a single contract, it’s common to print and- fax or print-and- scan just the signature page.

Different contract types include:

  • Client contracts – ad -hoc or contracted clients
  • Supplier contracts –Supplier contracts for an individual collaboration or preferred supplier partnerships
  • Employment, contractor and associate contracts

Contract management is a manual, labour intensive and inefficient process. In line with guidelines for ‘controller’ and ‘processor’ relationships, organizations must review and update all contracts.

FileOM’s DocuSign GDPR contract management solution is a simple, secure and efficient workflow for updating and managing contracts and service agreements. Your users can send contracts electronically to receive a signed contract back in minutes. No printing required. No scanning required. Quick, easy, efficient. Meet the data protection and data management principles of GDPR. Contracts are stored electronically, simplifying the entire contract management process.

Looking for a way to update and manage all your contracts easily, safely and efficiently?